Saturday, April 28, 2012


April 23 is Kevin's birthday.
Last year I wasn't able to celebrate his birthday 'coz I was in Singapore (first trip outside Philippines and my graduation gift from my aunties). So now I'll surely make it up to him. Here is the surprise that I was planning for a month. 
Earlier this month I told Kevin that I'll be going to Manila this April 23-25 to renew my Chinese visa. 'Coz 24 is my schedule on the embassy. And from that day I was been acting like I'll be going to Manila for real. You should know how hard it was acting in front of him and his family too. I had been saving money and thinking what should I buy for my 3 days Manila trip. But the truth is I had been saving money and thinking of the perfect gift for him. One week before his birthday, I told him my flight details April 23, 3:30pm and changed of my arrival. Instead coming home on the 25th, it will be moved on May 2. His reaction is 'LIKE WHAT? WHY?'. Instead of answering all his WHYs, WHATs, WHENs, and HOWs I just ignored it. I'm not good at lying so I just ignored it ;). April 18, 19, 20, ohhh time flies so slow when you're waiting for something 21, 22 and finally 23. On that day, I woke up early to meet with Miss Mimi of Davao Shop the one who made Kevin's bra cake and cute cupcakes. And after our meet up I went home and prepared everything the set up , the letter, candle, and etc. Since my flight schedule is 3:30pm, he should pick me up at around 1:30pm and he did. So this is it! I got so excited. I asked ER ~ my niece, to let Kevin wait inside the house. But the problem is he would not want to go inside!! bboooo.. WTH! I called him and told him to go inside the house 'coz I'm not done preparing. But still he insisted he doesn't want to go. So I have no choice but to act like I'm angry or something. After minutes of asking and the drama as if I was angry, he said yes. whew! Then I assist him to go to my room with a blindfold. 
And DRUM ROLL PLEASE ....... ttaaddaahh...

Kevin's blowing his mickey mouse candle. 

After the surprise, He hugged me so tight. sweet huh? I hope April 23, 2012 would be the birthday he would never ever forget. :)

Here are some pictures before the surprise..

Credits to Davao Shop , visit their online shop HERE. You can customized everything and her cake taste good. Good Job Ma'am Mimi.

P.S. You might wonder what was my gift.  Check my next blog to know more about it.


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