Saturday, April 28, 2012

DelaPeña & Yee Nuptial

Remember my 1 month hiatus?? HERE 
Last March 17 , it was my cousin's wedding day! Excited huh ? I've been wanting to attend all wedding events of my relatives and friends too. The best part of it is just not by 'attending' but having a 'role' or should I say, being part of the entourage. Bridesmaid.
 When my sister Ellaine tells the good news that I will be part of Ahya Kaho's wedding, with no doubts, no second thoughts at all I said "DEFINITELY! OF COURSE! YES! Who would say no to that ?" .
I got excited and at the same time got anxious about it. There are questions and 'WHAT IFs', it's been years since the last time I attended and took part of it (June 2003 to be exact). But no worries, I'm not the only one having those questions. Just grab the opportunity to wear a new dress and be part of your cousin's one of the most memorable day and THAT'S IT!
Here are some photos ..
The Bridesmaids and the Junior Bridesmaids.
That's me on the center! I look fat and I think it doesn't look like me, REALLY! What yah think?

The wedding dress and its details. The 6 inches bridal shoes.

The newly wed couple. love love love. 

The best candid shot. 

 photos by Kent Lazarraga (Orange Studio)
Gowns by Eminiques

The wedding was hhhmmm... ooops! I got one word for it, it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T !  I think it will be my dream wedding too ~ from the wedding dress, to the shoes, the physical set of the reception (sorry no photos. will try to upload it soon) and everything up to the end of the program.  Every detail of it was fantastic!
*I hope I can share more about it, but sadly I don't have the raw copies yet. I just grab this from my cousin's facebook*


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