Monday, May 7, 2012

Plain & Prints

Here's another outfit post. I wanted to wear something VERY VERY comfortable and here's what I came up with ! A printed shorts and a basic white button down. Yeah, it's too simple yet very chic. What do you think?
(  Thrifted top  |||   Kamiseta shorts  |||   Parisian sandals )

Thanks for reading my blog. Please let me know what's on your mind about this by posting a comment below. I'll be glad reading those and I'll find time to visit your blog too (don't forget your links).   

Sandra Yee


  1. wow, i love how simple and comfy this outfit looks! though the sleeves are long, i have a feeling that it's still breezy thus making it appropriate for summer!

    anyway, THANK YOU so much for your lovely comment on my humble blog =)

    i am following you back, btw =)

    1. and you are a registered nurse too? oh wow! hello there, colleague! ;)


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