Monday, April 23, 2012


For a month of hiatus, I had been shopping online. Yehey for me but poor wallet. ohhh...
Here are some items I  bought from my favorite online shops.

 Bought three lovely chiffon tops at Damit atbp.. Visit their online shop and you'll had the best look for summer! Their items are also up-to-date. 

 This colorful button down with a touch of lace is one of my favorite piece. Bought this from ClickOnlineBoutique . She will going to have her 80th collection on April 25, 7pm. 

 My first ever Leopard sheer top thanks to Styleline Co for having the cheapest Leopard tops. And currently they are on sale for only 290pesos on ALL items. yes you heard me right, 290! great deal huh ? CLICK HERE.

Got two lovely shorts from Prettygal closet , a friend of mine from college. All her items are so affordable. Check her website and be thrilled from her up-to-date items 

will have an outfit post :)


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