Thursday, February 16, 2012

photo confession i

These are some pics that I took from our 3 days trip in Boracay. Nothing special but still trying to build my ability in taking meaningful and beautiful pictures :) You know, I"m desperate being a photographer! :( 
maybe you can give me some tips , I would appreciate it  :)
I don't have lot of photos to share to you since we had a tough day and we don't have time to take pics. :( 
here is a photo confession about what happen on our first day stay :) 
o woke up 4.30am 
o 7:45am flight going to Iloilo City
o 6 hours bus trip going to Caticlan Jetty Port Terminal
o arrived at the boracay around 5.30pm
o shopping with my sister at Island Girl and a sidewalk store
o dinner 
o party all night

tough day isn't it?

P.S. more pics will be uploaded on our 2nd & 3rd day stay in Boracay later :)


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