Thursday, February 16, 2012

oohhh.. that's my name !!! :) good news right? 

PRC announces that 22,760 out of 67,095 passed the Nursing Licensure Examination given by the Board of Nursing in different cities. I'm glad out of 22,760 passers, I'm one of them! It was like a roller coaster emotions, knowing that some of my friends didn't make it. Don't worry guys, God has a better plan for you maybe something good that awaits you. Accept it in a positive way. It was hard for me to shout out loud how extremely happy I'm from what I achieved! This one is for all the people who supported me during my 4 years at San Pedro College, review sessions at Mind's Nest Review Center, from the actual board exam up until this very moment-- this is for all of you !

First, I want to thank GOD for giving me the courage to take the NLE and for the good health, knowledge, wisdom and guidance before and during the 2 days examination. Without Him I don't know if I can make it.Up until this very moment I can't believe that I pass! I can't even imagine myself being a nurse caring for all the patients who needs me. ANGEL IN A SICK ROOM huh? I think so if given a chance. :) God, words are not enough to express how thankful , gratitude, happy, contented I am right now. I don't even know why from all the people here on earth, you have given me countless blessings oh God. Sometimes, I think I don't deserve it! Indeed, TO GOD BE THE GLORY! THANK YOU FATHER FOR EVERYTHING FROM DAY 0 UPTO NOW! :) 

Second, to my FAMILY & RELATIVES for the love, prayers and advice you had given me. Thank you for all the support financially and emotionally. I know deep inside you want me to TOP the board as what ahya (big brother) did before. Too much pressure eh? But this is what God gave me, so I'm contented atleast I pass , right? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Third, to my Alma Mater SAN PEDRO COLLEGE to all the clinical instructor and all the staff , thank you ! You trained and molded us to become a good person. You also taught us a lot starting from taking vital signs down to post mortem care. Again, THUMBS UP and I'm proud being a SPCian! 

Fourth, to Mind's Nest Review Center, Doctor Arce, Sir JB and Ma'am Irish our review assistant, and all the reviewers a big thanks and a JOB WELL DONE. You helped us refresh our memories and supplement it. THANK YOU  !

Lastly, to my ever supportive HIGH SCHOOL & COLLEGE FRIENDS! oohh, you had been my strength and inspiration. Thank you for everything! Thank you for being patient enough to listen and to be with me. I truly appreciate it so much. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HYPOTHALAMUS . :) 

Thank you everyone! 

to see the result click HERE.


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