Wednesday, February 8, 2012

i CHOOSE Philippines

"Choose Philippines, a community that showcases the best of the Philippines - as they see it. So come Choose the Philippines! Pili-pinas! It's an archipelago loaded with places to go (PINASyal), food to eat (PINASarap), people to meet (PINASikat) and events to celebrate the whole year (PINASaya)!"
Have you ever discover the true Philippines? 'coz me? I HAD DISCOVERED IT! I got some pictures below showing how Philippines is more fun than other country. :) BIAS? yeah I think so. I'm just proud being a PINOY.  

Photos by: Kevin Sy & Sandra Yee

I'll try to blog about the places that i visited. Plus their spots, food, and must try adventure ! :) 
So, what would you choose?? 
Come and join the campaign of ABS-CBN - Choose Philippines. 


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