Monday, January 30, 2012

foods + drinks + friends + God = LIFE IS GOOD

*****Blogging while waiting for Kevin (my bf—soon ill post some pics ) *****

“An honest answer is the sign of true friendship.” – Proverbs 24: 26

Let me introduce you to my COLLEGE bestfriends first before going into details.
L-R : Sandra Y. (me), Korina D., Jerel S., Rachel J., Jade G., 
Andrea P. -- she wasn't able to come :( 

Words are not enough to express how thankful, happy, blessed I am with this ladies, YES, LADIES! For 5 hours of drinking (ANTONOV), eating, talking, taking pictures, running around, and getting wet under the rain, I realized something, TRUE FRIENDS ARE DIFFICULT TO FIND, lucky me, I found them ! I can show them who I am deep inside, I don't need to hide or should I say, wearing a mask .It's just that I can be "SANDRA" ! 

They have the ears to listen, mouth to give advice, and heart to let you feel what does FRIENDSHIP LOVE means.  They were my sister, brother, mother, father, teacher and etc.. They have become my shoulder to cry on. 

here are some pictures from the start 'til we got drunk? i think. 

The preparation : free drinks given by Mr. Eugene S. -- father of my BF :) 
ANTONOV vodka ! Try it, it will satisfy your thirst ! 

It was raining, so we decided to get WET. bbbrrrr it so cold ! I did enjoyed spending quality time with this LADIES. 

etc. pictures :) 

To end this blog ~~ all I can say is,  I HAD FUN ! 



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