Monday, July 2, 2012


Have you ever experience the feeling when you're walking in a crowd and everybody does this one thing, S-T-A-R-E. Honestly, I don't like people staring at me it freaks me out! haha Because one thing is for sure, I don't know what are they thinking if it is a negative or positive. Well, if I had just one wish, surely, I'll wish I can read minds. haha But sorry we live in a real world not a fairy tale. So instead of thinking what are those stare means, just don't mind them at all! Lucky enough I have a sister who is so supportive and the one who gives me courage and advices. She's the one who reminded me time to time to be confident and that I look good. Supportive eh? But she's right, stay confident and don't ever ever mind them at all 'coz at the end you should be the one thankful to the people who gave you that stares, because at the end of the day it even made you even stronger and of course, it helps to increase your self-confident. Right?
 Anyway, this is the reason why people gave me that unknown stare. My outfit, a print on print, a floral shorts and a scarf printed vintage top. By the way, this is what I wore last Friday. 
 ( Prettygal vintage scarf printed top  |||  SM floral shorts  |||  Payless shoes  |||  Fly shades )

What do you think of my outfit? Do you think I deserve a positive stare? hehe I hope I did. ~sandra

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Congratulations to...
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  1. Yes a positive one! I love your top!!

  2. Love you're shorts! :)

    A lot of kisses, dear.

  3. I like your blog Im following you now on GFC and Bloglovin!
    If you like my blog, follow me please!

  4. This is a great outfit!! love love the mixing of amazing prints

  5. oh hey! thanks for this :))) I'm really happy :)) but hey where did you send the mail? i can't find it in my ymail :)


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