Friday, July 6, 2012


Thank God today is Friday. Hello weekend. yehey
Anyway today I do my usual errands, went to ER's school, groceries, and here and there. To survive this harsh day of mine, I had to think of a super duper comfortable outfit and look what I got a 2 in 1 outfit or should I say a dual purpose outfit. 
Here is what I'm talking about. 1. day outfit ~ a vintage top, my trusty overused shorts, playful colored accessories (which actually gives color to my plain outfit, thanks to Bubbles who created this colored bracelet) and a flats (who really saves my feet literally). And 2. I just top my day outfit with a kimono and voila! ~ my night outfit. Magic right? An errand outfit to an instant date night outfit! Really a dual purpose. Horay for me! What do you think?

Ready for a dinner date with Kevin. yehey
( Thrifted vintage top  |||  Flights of Fancy kimono  |||  Solemate flats  |||  Sunny Side Up shorts  || Bubbles braided bracelet  |||  Terranova bag   |||  Fly shades )

How was your Friday?
Happy weekend everyone! ~sandra


  1. I think a good blazer - or in your case, an awesome kimono - can really pump up a look =) Love your sandals and those sweet bracelets!

    Thank you for the tip sweetie, seriously, it's a big deal for me, last time I did anything to my hair was a year ago, and it was a disaster!

    - Che

    1. thanks chezka! :) and you're welcome! can't wait to see your new hairstyle ! :)

  2. i like that sandals & bracelet ♥ :)

  3. I love your outfit today :)

    Kindly follow me back ha, I have already followed you.
    GFC: Alta Infante

    here's my blog -->

    Thanks in advance!

    1. oh thanks! :) i'm following back :)

  4. Love ur sandals and bag

  5. very cute look. LOVE the bag and flats! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! Have a great weekend!

    xo Marie

    1. thank you marie! have a great weekend! :)

  6. very nice outfits!!!

  7. Love your outfit!! The kimono looks so stunning:)Xx

  8. you look stylish in this outfit! love the bracelet you are wearing
    beautiful post love it
    you have very interesting blog
    follow back please
    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥


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