Sunday, June 24, 2012


( Terranova dress  |||  DIY maong vest  || Soul shoes  |||  MyChiQ/Frida accessories  || CDO find bag )

Horay it's Sunday, a day with Kevin and of course, God (I mean everyday! haha). Anyway, I decided to wear something boho and here's what I got. An aztec print dress from Terranova that really looks great. Especially the color combination, yellow-orange-brown. Then I decided to do the aztec on aztec, hence the aztec printed bag, got it from my 3 days trip to CDO. Since I'm going to church, I decided to wear this maong vest for the first time my DIY project just to cover some skin. hehe This gladiator sandals that I bought from Soul, well I must say it made my outfit look totally boho chic, right? What do you think?

You might wonder with the title, A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez and The Scene. I've been hearing this song a thousand times but never ever able to see the music video. So tonight I finally got the chance to YouTube it. Anyway, have you seen it? I bet you already did (but if you haven't here's a video for you to watch), don't you love her pretty face and of course, the GOWN/DRESS- I think it was the highlight of the video. Credits to the designer, it was incredible and  I really want one (hoping to wear this kind of dress someday, but where and when? LOL)! 

How's your Sunday? ~sandra


  1. every now and then I'm lovvin your looks (not kidding) seriously talking! haha love the details on the dress (I'm obsessed)and the bag?? i so love it? can i have it? haha kidding :)


    1. geeee.. thanks! I'm so kilig!! yeey! :)



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