Thursday, June 7, 2012


 Hello there everyone! This one is a scheduled post, currently I'm in CDO. Before I left Davao, I was looking for designs for my room. I am planning to rearrange or should I say scrap it all up, R-E-N-O-V-A-T-E it.   I need your help guys, coz today I'm sick with my pink room. Really, all pink is not good! So learn from me! I don't want you to feel what I am feeling right now, I'm totally sick with pink! hmph Anyway, here are some pictures that I grabbed from, I totally love them! I hope I can renovate my room everyday! hahaha

Which one do you like? haha HELP ME PLEASE. ~sandra


  1. i like the first one :) but it kinda gives out (for me) for-parents-ish vibes lol

    i'd settle for the last one ^^

    1. the last one is one of my favorite .. the design fits to me.. red-black-white >..... ooohhh.. though other designs are so nice. I can't decide.. :(((

  2. i like the lavender one.
    nice in the eyes and its a nice set up.
    by the way, i like too.
    i do have a post about rooms too.
    visit it here.

    do follow me too.thanks.


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