Saturday, May 26, 2012

WASH DAY: Reminiscing

I've been browsing some of my photos from college, I've notice almost everyone is wearing the same, the blue jeans, a shirt, flat shoes, a long vintage necklace and a big bag that would carry all the books and some paper works. But now, everything is revolving from blue jeans to a colored one, a simple tee to a very complicated top plus a cardigan or a blazer, a flat shoes to a killer high heels.
For my outfit today, I was inspired from that changed brought about some stylist all over the world. I decided to wear a white pants and the aztec shirt which is one of the fashion statement today. But becasuse almost all of the schools here in Davao are a "conservative" one, I decided to wear this blazer to cover some skin. And it wouldn't be me, if I don't wear those flats plus a piece of accessory that will work your outfit.

( Thrifted blazer   |||   House of Eva aztec top  |||  SM Department shoes   |||  Terranova jeans  |||  China Town bracelet )

 And for your information, I wasn't able to wear this blazer outside because of the heat here in Davao. Lucky enough we stayed all day at the malls. :)

P.S. I'll try to post some school outfits entitled 'WASH DAY' soon.
What do you think? ~sandra


  1. asa di ka nag skwela sa davao?

    1. hi.. graduate na po ako :) SPC :)



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