Friday, May 11, 2012

Peter Pan

A perfect weather plus a good mood to doll up equals an outfit post!  
Today I decided to wear simple but with style. A plain white top, black short, accessories  and a shoes. What else? Ohh, top off your look with a peter pan collar from Miss Sartorial, and now, I'm good to go. Don't you like it?

forget that face. hehe

New item for my shoe collection. Got this from Soleil. Check out all available shoes and you'll surely fall in love with 'em! Before I forget, they are having a back to back birthday sale. For more information please read HERE.

( Bench white top  |||  Crissa short  |||  Boracay accessories  |||  Miss Sartorial peter pan necklace   |||  Soleil shoes )

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Sandra Yee

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