Wednesday, May 23, 2012


You might wonder with my blog title 'Medusa', you'll found out later why. haha
My outfit today would be the thing that I love to wear almost everyday. Know why? First, the dress. I got tons of it in my closet, different design and style. I got addicted with dress because of the heat! Second, who says wearing flats shoes is not stylish or fashionable? Well, for me I can wear them with style anytime. Lastly, I go for comfort and I'm comfortable with this one! By the way, who's not comfortable with this kind of outfit huh?  haha 

Check out the ring, inspired by Medusa hence the title. haha
( Flights of Fancy kimono  |||  Black Sheep dress   |||  The Bling Project necklace  |||  China Town rings  |||  SM Department shoes)

What do you think with my outfit? ~sandra

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