Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love Blues

Another perfect day for me. You know why ? I got my first salary (I'm working as a part-time encoder). I had been facing with my laptop and with a bunch of receipts dated 2010-2011. So much work right? But to get me inspired I just think about the pay. 
Got excited to receive my pay, I got less than 10 minutes to dress up ! So here's what I got for today. A thrifted black dress, blue button from Soul turned into an instant cover up and a black sandals got from Payless, Abreeza. Don't forget the accessories, I got these from Sophie another online shop on facebook.

( Thrifted black dress   |||   Soul blue button top  |||  Payless sandals   |||  Sophie Items accessories   |||  SM Department bag  )

Thanks for reading my blog. Please let me know what's on your mind about this by posting a comment below. I'll be glad reading those and I'll find time to visit your blog too (don't forget your links).  

Sandra Yee

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