Thursday, May 31, 2012

WASH DAY: Loosen Up

( Sunny Side Up top  |||  Terranova pants  |||   Thrifted bag  |||   Frida accessories  |||  Punkberry shoes  )

To all Davaoenos, I'm 101% pretty sure you love this day, a weather that is so perfect because of the cool wind that touches your baby skin eh. Thank God for the answered prayer! haha Today I decided to spend the whole day walking around china town streets, buying new 'babies'. Baby is the word I usually use to call my clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories too. I'll post about my bargain items soon. :) But now I will leave something for you, an outfit post that is so comfortable. When you'll have a whole day walk make sure your feet are well rested and the whole outfit let you moves freely just like the wind. What do you think? ~sandra 

P.S.: Watch out for my upcoming GIVEAWAY tomorrow (June 1, 2012). 


  1. ugh . i heard my friends saying that the weather was good :( i slept the whole dayyy T_T

    1. don't worry april I'm pretty sure for the upcoming days the weather is getting better and better.. well, let's just pray for it. :) heheh



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