Monday, May 14, 2012


Yesterday, I was able to clean my disorganized wardrobe. I saw this lonely batwing orange top bought from Soul that I haven't wear since the day I have this. Orange is not my color, but today I'm gonna love it. Then I paired it with a black aztec shorts, forgot where did I bought this one. So here's my outfit, what do you think?
Yes yes yes. You have seen this shoes for a thousand times. Sorry, But it's one of my favorites shoes. 

(  Soul top/shoes  |||   '???' shorts  |||  Sophie Items red & black bracelet  |||   Boracay accessories  )

~ Sandra Yee


  1. Combined tangerine and tribal style!

    Like it! :D

  2. oh i am LOVING those shoes! perfect wedges for spring/summer
    and thanks for your lovely comment, following you as well :)

  3. Love the aztec shorts! =)



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