Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey, meet Dresser

Someone asked me a while ago what does my dresser looks like. And I ended up showing some pictures of my dresser. Got less than a minute to clean it up!

Upper part: I got these different designs of detachable collars from Miss Satorial and Flatterbuy. You can also spot my 'vintage' headbands too.

Right side: (uppermost)You can find my everyday hygienic items like deodorant, cotton buds, lotion, baby powder and many more.
(middle) 3 box of fashionable rings (check next photo for the details)
(bottom) Perfumes. DKNY found on the left side is the one I used almost everyday. 
Organized right? 

On the table: (Left side) Ray ban eye ware owned by Kevin and 2 different kinds of eyeglasses I used. Yes, I'm legally blind. 
(Right side) Tidy make up items. 

1st drawer: It's all about my hair. My comb, clips, ties, and etc.

2nd drawer: Handmade bracelets. Some of it are personalized by me. 

3rd drawer: Nail colors, Epilin underarm wax and bangles. By the way, all bangles bought from China Town. 

Slider: Watch and Jewelry. 

Left side: Necklaces. 

So this is it! That's my dresser. 
What can you say ?


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