Wednesday, February 22, 2012


P.S. sorry for not updating my blog since I got very busy. You know what I mean, after passing the board exam what would you do? ME? definitely, PARTY ! busy huh? I'll post some pics about the party soon :)

Yesterday was just an ordinary day or should I say a boring one. Me waking up at 10am, eating my brunch, watching t.v., and net, boring ayt? Lucky enough I got a text message from Yambot, my high school classmate, my best friend and by the way, she passed the local board exam in nursing too :) YEHEY FOR US! Anyway I got a message that we're having a dinner with my high school buddies. So, what would you expect me to say huh? a big Y-E-S !
 Another outfit post huh?! yipee!

please forgive me for my toenails I don't have time to clean it . 

Top: Sunny Side Up
Shorts, Belts & Shoes: SOUL Lifestyle
Accessories: China Town



  1. love the sandals <3

  2. Thank you for following my blog, Followed you too! :)



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