Monday, February 13, 2012


At last! 
After 48 years (ohh I'm just exaggerating hehe) I finally got a time to give my nails what they really deserve!
for my "over worked" hand I got SERENE ISLAND MANICURE that gives my fingernails a splash of colors in an unruffled beach ambience. Includes nail cleaning and shaping, cuticle treatment and a refreshing hand and wrist massage. Finish off with your favorite nail polish ! 
and by the way, how can I ever forget my footsies ? A PALM BEACH PEDICURE that include nail shape, cuticle tidy and polish. It also comes with an extra anti bacterial foot soak and a restorative mini foot massage. 

sounds pampering right?

məˈdäm isn't it?

a baby blue nails that has a sophisticated and more classy look. 

so where do you think I got those nails?
thanks to NAILAHOLICS nail salon & spa :) 
located at 3rd floor Abreeza Mall
NAILAHOLICS is the newest Nail Salon & Spa in Davao that offers a variety of services from nail care, nail art, spa, massage, waxing, threading and so on. The setting is an ideal venue for pampering and relaxing. It is indeed, the most hygienic nail salon & spa that I ever visited. It has friendly and accommodating staff that guarantees a comforting and satisfying stay. 
More info about NAILAHOLICS click HERE

Now you can have a date with your pampered and spoiled nails this 14th! 
treat 'em 'coz they are worth it! trust me! 


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