Friday, February 10, 2012

epic fail

oohh.. my first blog about my fashion . happy happy happy !  
Today , February 10 is a very special day for my sister Ellaine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear.
She is the one who inspires and the reason why I fell in love with blogging. I got envy every time I stalk her, reading her blog and how she dress up like she's having a fashion show for an hour!
So I decided to start blogging, dressing up and posing here and there.. definitely !
and ..
THIS IS THE RESULT! is it nice? what yah think ? " HYPE! "

 I just love accessories. I can't even leave my room without them!
seriously sandra ? YES! ( sandra stop talking to yourself! )

 By the way, I rarely wear high heels! It's a big NO NO for me! know why ? 'coz i cant walk with them for more than 2 hours. I just bring my extra pair of slippers! well, it's my SAVIOR !

Top : Terranova
Blazer : Flights of Fancy
Shoes : Juana
Bag : SOUL Lifestyle
Accessories : souvenir shop from Boracay


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