Monday, February 27, 2012


Love month doesn't end on the 29th. For me, everyday is a Valentine's day because of the people around me.
Now have you ever thought of how you'd want your dream date to be? Me? Well just a simple and romantic dinner by the sea with the right guy, of course! 
Got my flat shoes on, dress, and blazer. Oh how can I ever forget my accessories? With an elegant pebble necklace, bangles and rings it made this look more classy. And that clutch purse animal print I had in my hand - all set for the date! 100% comfortable! And I would wear this outfit again if that day comes coz' this look would fit how romantic that moment would be. This elegant look would made my dream date an unforgettable one! 

funny look ! 

Honestly, I was having my second thought of wearing this shoes. Like if you had a good top but you accidentally choose the wrong shoes, everything FAILS. I hope it didn't failed me 
*fingers cross*

Sorry for my hair, I just tied it up and put a hairpin and that's it, not knowing it looks ridiculous! 

dress: Black Sheep
blazer: SM Department Store
necklace & rings: Fashion Allure - myChiQ
bangle (leaf style) : Flights of Fancy 
shoes & clutch purse: Payless


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  1. Love the ring and the blazer!! :)



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