Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My sister Ellaine has been trying to make a shot that is something candid and at the same time stunning. But the result was not that good enough nor eye catching, because all I can see is just a stupid face and some doesn't have a face at all! And I got one word for that - FAILED. Is it because of the subject or the photographer or is it the camera itself !? YES, it's the camera, coz' "she" is not cooperating! Blame it all to "her"!  *evil laugh*
She let me flip my hair so that it would create something "candid" and a windy effect. It was fun at first but when you flip your hair again and again, oh my I feel like my head turned 180 degrees. REALLY! And I swear to God I will never ever do that again! You can check all the photos below and feel how exhausted and terrible I am!  

 what a big laugh! 

ohh someone pulled my hair! LOL 

this one looks fine, but look at my face!! LOL

 after how many shots I finally find something interesting. It's not perfect but atleast I did something stunning and catchy without harassing my face! LOL. drum roll please... 

P.S.: I'd like to know which photo you liked the most . Thank you for that :) 


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